The story of Passe Partout

The story of Passe Partout

  • Start of Passe Partout

    Passe Partout was founded as a Belgian business. It marked the start of the design and development of an attractive collection of modern sofas. It was a resounding success right from the start.

  • 1st model: Safari

    The very first sofa saw the light: the Safari!

  • Our first exhibition stand ever at the Brussels Furniture Fair

    With pride, we set up our first ever exhibition stand at the Brussels Furniture Fair. The very first sofas were revealed to the general pubic. We sold 145 sofas :-)

  • Start of production in Hungary

    A temporary production hall was rented in Hungary to produce our first sofas. We started with 13 employees.

  • 1st Trade Fair participation in The Netherlands

    As a first step towards taking Passe Partout onto the international market, we had a stand at HTC in The Netherlands.

  • Start of production in our own buildings

    Work began in the first factory of our own: 4500 m²

  • Our first house show

    We were excited to welcome our customers to our own event. This gave us the possibility to show our deepest DNA. It was a big success.

  • 5 years of growth

    2000 - 2005 Hungary
    The production sites in Hungary were getting bigger. Passe Partout was growing, sales were booming and the production sites had to keep up.

  • 1st sale outside Europe

    Our very first sofa was sold and delivered outside Europe.

  • 1st website

    Passe Partout's first website was modest but self-assured.

  • 1st Trade Fair participation on IMM Cologne

    Our first step to conquer Europe, we decided to participate the furniture fair in Cologne.

  • 1st Trade Fair participation NEC Birmingham

    We were proud to take our collection to the UK and Ireland.

  • End of sales in the UK

    Due to the crisis and excessively high transport costs, we decided to stop all sales activities in the UK and Ireland. We still miss the friendly cooperation with those customers.

  • Launch of the Aragon collection

    First models and collection designed by Axel Enthoven

  • New Passe Partout logo

    After 12 years, it was time to update our logo.

  • Social media launch

    The first Passe Partout Facebook and Twitter accounts

  • Start of our partnership with the designer Hans Daalder

    To introduce new blood and keep Passe Partout's image fresh, we brought in a new designer, Hans Daalder.

  • Launch of Mint

    Launch of the Mint collection. Designed by Hans Daalder.

  • Award at the Brussels Fair

    We won the Balthazar award for the most innovative product on the fair, designed by Axel Enthoven.

  • Gianni model was launched

    ... and stole the hearts of thousands of families all over the world.

  • Start of our partnership with designer Natalie Buijs

  • Start of our partnership with designer Rudiger Puylaert

  • New office in Temse, Belgium

    In May 2015, we moved to our new offices in Temse with a beautiful view on the river (Schelde).

  • First Home Stories Coffee Table Book

    Proud, proud, proud

  • Extra production buildings

    10.500 m² extra space was built, mainly for fabrics and wood preparation.

  • Start of our partnership with a young designer Laura Steenbeke

    She designed the Jukebox collection, presented at the International Furniture Fair Brussels 2017

  • New: Low dining tables and chairs

    To complete and expand our Home Stories concept, we added tables and chairs to our collection. It was a hit!

  • Home Stories goes into the world

    The first Home Stories 'in-store' outside Europe is a fact (Lebanon).

  • 20 years anniversary

    On 17th September we celebrated our 20th anniversary

  • 1st Home Stories Magazine

    Home Stories Magazine

    Proud to launch our very first lifestyle magazine, full of interior ideas, interesting content, passion and joy.