Trends 2021

Trends 2021

Trends 2021



Being closer to nature is the common thread running through all trends in 2021. The rapprochement of design to nature is primarily expressed in the return of round and organic shapes. Curves break through rectilinear design. This somewhat playful effect creates an atmospheric interior. People come together in the living environment. Creating tranquillity, warmth and atmosphere is important. Complete furniture with round shapes and organic lines are very trendy. Round accessories also contribute to a trendy balance.


This striking trend cannot be misunderstood. This is bringing nature into our home at its best. Biophilic design has an enormous affinity with the outdoors. Green plants in all forms and applications colour our interiors, also in 2021. This lively touch will increasingly become part of interior design. In this way, green will come into its own even more, or even become an eye-catcher.


Which statement piece will you add to your interior in 2021? It is a great way to show your style and it gives a new dynamic to your home.
You know the drill: one of those pieces of furniture or decoration that stands out too much because of its shape or colour. Well, make it your statement piece and make it stand out by keeping everything else sober. A truly distinctive interior can no longer do without a statement piece.


You can argue about colours and tastes. But the first of the two (!) colours of 2021 is ultimate grey. This sober colour combines technology and modernity. It is the colour of stones and rocks, of strength and steadfastness; something we all strive for. Grey as a colour can be used for a warm and cosy interior or for a sleek and industrial look. Material choices and structures decide the atmosphere. In combination with other colours, this 'ultimate grey' can always give a new feeling. Wait until you meet the second colour of 2021...


With a neutral colour palette, tranquillity and intimacy are created, giving the room a particularly welcoming feel. By using soft colours, the rooms and the architecture also come into their own. The whole will have a light and airy appearance and the textures and structures of the materials used will be shown to their best advantage.


Once again, we end up with a thoroughly natural product. Wood, a nature accent. Where we have been using wood for parquet floors and stairs for a long time, you will see more and more wood panelling for walls, and even ceilings. Needless to say, wood accents provide a warm atmosphere and create an extremely cosy environment.


The second colour chosen by Pantone as colour of the year is 'Illuminating', a sparkling, cheerful, bright yellow. This warm, sunny colour radiates nothing but enthusiasm in a year of hope and expectation. Together with the first colour 'ultimate grey', they are practical and rock solid, but at the same time warming and optimistic. For more than 20 years, the colours selected by Pantone have influenced product development in the home furnishing sector. We are curious which creations will follow...