A walk down Kloosterstraat, Antwerp

A walk down Kloosterstraat, Antwerp

A walk down Kloosterstraat, Antwerp

There is always something going on in the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the street is bustling with activity. On weekdays, you can enjoy a lot of creativity, passion and a unique offer. The Kloosterstraat is a household name. Those who have never been there cannot understand it. Those who have lost their hearts there have no equal.
We strolled through the street on a weekday and made a selection of 10 very diverse addresses that could charm us immediately. Let yourself be seduced by the story behind the stores and put a visit to the Kloosterstraat immediately on your agenda!

WoonTheater Zuid
No. 14

WoonTheater's slogan is "life is a film, we provide the decor". Using a combination of custom-made solid wood and characterful old elements, they create kitchens and furniture that are simply 'different' from the usual. A visit to the Kloosterstraat branch will make you instantly believe in the power of old materials. The right combination of old and new furniture gives an interior a sense of spice.

No. 63

Under the wings of Rewind, Play. is the wonderful world for the little ones. A careful selection of sustainable items that make children, brothers and sisters happy, that's Play. From clothing and accessories to interior and lifestyle products. And are they beautiful! Step inside and let yourself be swept away into a world you and your little hearts dream of.

Chelsea Records
No. 10

You don't have to be a music lover to be amazed by what's on offer here. Everything that has ever been released on CD, single, LP, 78 rpm record or even cassette can be found here. All music genres are represented and many famous and less famous musicians know their way to Chelsea Records. With their 34 years of existence they are the oldest music shop in town. There's no reason to walk past here, the listed building appeals to the imagination and is open 7 days a week.

Ben Ben Antwerp
No. 30-32

If you want to get into the Antwerp style and have a heart for carefully selected fabrics and prints, then BenBen is the place to be. This 100% Antwerp label brings you beautiful fashion in its very own style. In the stately building on the corner of Vlaanderenstraat, they set up this flagship store almost 10 years ago. Modern design, colourful fashion and Antwerp sympathy is what you will find here.

Mrs Robinson
No. 19

This is one of those boutiques where your curiosity is piqued. Every article, every colour choice and every craft that can be found here has a soul. You get sucked in, as it were, by the unusual combinations. Art, decoration and household articles are connected with each other. Mrs Robinson has been in existence for almost two years and the ideas for this 'soul store' largely come from nature. All art is 100% own work and everything around it is selected purely by feeling. Everything ecological has an edge.

Rarity Pop
No. 84

What started as a pop-up here in the Kloosterstraat, has quickly grown into an art address not to be missed. As taxidermists, Eza and Jan are much more creative than others in the sector. Whereas for many people it stops with the mounting of an animal, with them the creativity begins. Every object has a story to tell. In no time at all, Eza was able to convince us of the symbolism of some of her creations. As special as their creations are, they are also accessible to families, friends or loved ones who want to give a custom-made creation, or give it a unique place themselves.

Five Fridays
No. 181

Don't be discouraged by the distance to nr 181 at the end of Kloosterstraat, because Five Fridays is a household name here in the street. Paula herself is very modest, but since 2010 she has been seducing her customers with a small but beautiful selection of women's fashion and accessories. Her Finnish roots are still reflected in the slightly Scandinavian style, although other brands have joined her in recent years. Her regular clientele includes well-known and less well-known names from Antwerp and beyond.

Erotische Verbeelding
No 165

Intimacy, that too can be found in Kloosterstraat. But don't mistake Erotische Verbeelding for just another sex shop. Ann Cuyvers, manager and author, has only one mission, and that is to make women enjoy sex.  The shop is very accessible and cosy. All articles are carefully and lovingly selected. Personal questions are answered discreetly and as an erotic counsellor Ann can always give you the right advice.

No. 185

The name 'Vaneva' was chosen not by chance because Eva is Eva, but because she creates more than 70% of the jewellery herself. She makes her own creations with a selection of special parts. Home sales and a pop-up store proved so successful that she decided to start her own permanent business here in the Kloosterstraat 1.5 years ago. Because of her approach, the jewels are completely unique, nowhere else will you find the same design, and they are also very budget friendly.