Vision and mission

Vision and mission

Enjoy life, enjoy your sofa, enjoy Passe Partout,

We had this slogan when we launched Passe Partout in 1998, and the more we have developed our story, the more value the slogan has genuinely gained.
“Enjoy” life. Don’t we all want to do that? Carpe diem: seize the day. Enjoy every moment, every little happiness. Another slogan we really believe in at Passe Partout is: “don’t just look at what you don’t have, but consider sometimes what you do already have”.

We love people with passion. The energy they radiate, the sparkle in their eyes and their infectious talk all fill us with motivation and energy to create an even stronger story. Along the route that Passe Partout’s story has taken, we have had the pleasure of coming into contact with many such people, mainly entrepreneurs, at home and abroad. Some of these meetings were coincidental, and those are usually the most interesting of all.

Our mission is to be able to pass on our passion to our customers, who transmit it to their customers in turn. And our mission is only successful if these final customers can talk passionately about their purchase of a product from our collection. If they tell it in such a way that you can see their eyes sparkle.

Our vision is that beautiful things don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Our whole team is constantly on the lookout for affordable but high-quality products. We use them to develop our sofas for indoor and outdoor use, our tables, chairs, armchairs, rugs and so much more. Everyone who wants to turn their house into a home finds their way to a furniture store of their choice. Once there, the store owners and salespeople who absolutely share our unique passion for interiors are the ones who can turn it into the most fantastic ‘home’. Bringing all this together and creating something from it is only possible with a pleasant atmosphere, a pleasant team and pleasant relationships. 

Enjoy life, enjoy your sofa, enjoy Passe Partout