Dirk Steenbeke & PPLAB
Passe Partout Designer

Dirk Steenbeke & PPLAB

Passe Partout Labs

Although we work with designers at home and abroad, like all creators and lovers of their craft, we also have our own ideas and designs that we want to make public.

Creating is just like working in a laboratory: experimenting with new technologies, fabrics, shapes, types of cushion etc. – which is why we have called our design team "PP LAB".

With feedback from our own sales team and our customers, with inspiration from fashion, lifestyle, foreign exhibitions and the latest tendencies, we create our own items that are 100% pure Passe Partout.

Ideas are discussed with our design team in our production unit in Hungary, and then we work on our designs ‘together’ to come up with a product that we all believe in! Our prototypes are developed with the greatest of care, tested for everything we can test for and covered in the most up-to-date covering fabrics that are trendy and, above all, ‘life-friendly’.

We see our designs as our children, so we are always proud as Punch when our customers like them. That inspires us to ever-greater achievements.

We do it out of love of design, love of people and the product, love of life and love of Passe Partout. Enjoy our designs with us!